Papa Murphy's FAQ


Well, guess what people?   Someone dug up a patch of grass and put in a (another) strip mall in my area.   In said strip mall is a pizza place called "Papa Murphy's."   However, this is a pizza place with a twist.   You don't call for delivery or sit in and eat.   They don't even bake the pizza for you!   This is a 'take & bake' pizza place.   "What the f*** is a 'take & bake' pizza place?", I asked myself.   So, being the resourceful web surfer that I am, I looked up their web site in the hopes of finding some useful information.   Well, I found their web site all right.   Unfortunately it is all but completely devoid of useful information.   I sent an e-mail with my questions and got a response from someone named Bill Swanson.   Having had more than a few TV dinners in my time, I wonder if there's a connection?


So anyway, Bill writes back and explains (very little) about what I asked and offers to send a coupon for a free pizza.   He also offers no comment on how their website FAQ is little more than a shameless plug for how wonderful they think they are.   (The pizza IS awesome... read on).   Thinking that perhaps Bill didn't quite get the point, I took the liberty of RE-DOing their FAQ for them.   The REAL Papa Murphy's FAQ page can be found here.   And they call that a "FAQ!"   Ha!   I really wonder if ANYONE ever actually ASKED them those questions (yeah, right), or much less, asked them frequently.   Here are the results of my efforts to rectify this situation.  


I sent Bill an e-mail with my address hoping he makes good on his promise of a free pizza and I included a link to my remake of the FAQ page.   I am waiting to here back from him.   In the meantime, my wife and I went to Papa Murphy's and got one of their pizzas.   I'm here to tell you that it's the best pizza I've ever had!   Those of you who know me, know I've had PLENTY of pizza.   :)