Electronics Sites

Circuit Sites QDTEC - Schematics!
University of Washington - Circuit Archive

Retail Electronic Parts Suppliers buy parts
Buy supplies for PCB making and other stuff
Digikey! Need I say more? Parts.. parts.. parts!
Jameco - parts retailer
EIO - get color LCD panels here!
tilt switches, merc switches, etc.
bud box cases
SERPAC - cases/enclosures

Learning & Knowledge Elements of AC electricity - instructional
Video Pong on a PIC - yes.. REALLY!

Datasheets and Parts X-ref IC directory
ECG/NTE Nice cross reference
IC Index & Cress Ref
IC Master
Parts & Datasheets
Another IC directory - Maxim
IC diractory and parts xref - semidex
parts reference - have to sign up"

General Miscellaneous Electronics Sites Cable descrambler kits/plans
Univiersity of Finland - electronics - AWESOME!
E Panorama - cool electronics site!
Gold mine - surplus electronic stuff!
Cell phone - GSM cables
Harry's Homebrew page - lotsa stuff
MP3 Player Stuff - someone's personal project
Newark electronics
Cool PIC programmer - my personal choice
High Power audio amplifiers - click & drool!
Another EXCELLENT page of links!
JDR Mircodevices - discount hardware