This is the full text of an E-mail I sent to UMAX.   I have an Astra 1220U color flatbed scanner made by them that I cannot use in Windows 2000 and have not yet figured out how to make work in linux.   The scanner works fine as far as that goes.   Was I too harsh with them?   You decide.



Dear UMAX Support,


When I converted to Windows 2000 about 10 months ago, I went to your site to obtain Windows 2000 drivers and was unpleasantly surprised to see a message to the effect that UMAX did not and would not support Windows 2000 for the Astra 1220U.  I had hoped that this, in time, would change.  So I pointed my browser to your site again tonight with anticipation and renewed hope that I would find the software I need to use my UMAX Astra 1220U scanner with Windows 2000 (much less linux - my other OS).


Imagine my profound disappointment upon finding the same cold, unchanged message in your FAQ and no Windows 2000 drivers.  Now, I know it's a dog-eat-dog world in consumer electronics, that the competition is fierce, and the profit margins are razor thin.  However, someday I will need another scanner or perhaps another device that UMAX makes.  My experience here has provided the perfect inspiration for my adamant conviction that I shall never again waste money on a UMAX product.


You have basically said, "Sorry, Mr. Bozo Customer.  You're SOL.  We're not supporting you.  Up yours, and good riddance.  Piss off!"  Well, I got the message.  I hope you do, too.


Quite sincerely,


Your Former Customer