Telemarketing sucks!   Period.   It seems that it must be working because I continue to get these STUPID CALLS!   What's the matter with you people?   Someone calls you up and says, "Buy a case of our light bulbs!" and you just fork out the cash?   Give me your phone number.   I have some land...   Geez!   How about you all just give me your numbers so I can forward these assholes to you?   Who ARE you people that are buying this crap and making it worth their while to HARASS folks like me?


Speaking of assholes.. how about the folks that take jobs MAKING these calls?   Everyone needs a job, but people!   Please, go be a janitor or something.   Telemarketing isn't the road to riches, OK?   There's lots of other better ways to make tuit.. err, beer money.   If someone wants to pay you to harass people that should be a BIG FLAG that something is WRONG here!   What kind of company uses harassment as a marketing tool?  


I'll tell you what kind of company uses harassment as a marketing tool!   The kind that will never see one thin dime of my hard-earned money!   Well, they're cowards too.   They ring me up and the caller ID says "Anonymous" and "Unavailable".   Hey, telemarketers!   Put your call center in an area that has outbound caller ID   - or can't you get anyone to work for you unless you build facilities in the middle of Bumfuk USA?   Better yet, put your CEO's personal home number on your web page.   I'll be calling (and calling and calling).   Balls out, bitches!   This is war!   Each time I get a telemarketing call from now on, I'm going to post the company name below.


Companies that have harassed me with nuisance calls:

Tru-Green / Chemlawn

The Council 1-800-555-3991 Call OFTEN, their dime!

Med Alliance Pain Clinic - Milwaukee, WI