Michael R. Fleming   

Objective Help people use technology to turn their data into useful information through superior skills, creativity, attitude and knowledge.
  • Over 12 years professional experience
  • Windows Network, E-mail Administration, System design/programming
  • Internet, TCP/IP networking, packet analysis, Bind DNS, sendmail
  • VB.Net, VB6, HTML, Perl, Bash, FoxPro, Progress 4GL, Pascal development
  • Graphic art production and web publishing
  • Unix, Linux, Windows NT/2K3/XP, Active Directory
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Proven exceptional spoken and written communication skills
  • Very active imagination. Enjoy thinking BIG
  • 1 semester Electronics Associate - MATC - Madison, WI. Tested out of 1st semester electronics courses.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems & Psychology, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, 1992.
Related Employment Information Consultant, Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Inc. - Milwaukee, WI
Fall 1997 to Present
    • IT Security

    • Trained 3 new people on Windows security administration.
    • Learned Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and VB.Net.
    • Deployed enterprise account administration tools.
    • Wrote security utilities in VB6, VB.Net, and Perl.
    • Interfaced VB6 application with SAP/R3.
    • Created automated NT account cleanup process, coded in VB6.
    • Performed security administration: NT4/2K3/AD, UNIX, remote access, e-mail content filtering, ACF2, anti-virus, SAP/R3.
Programmer/Analyst, Argus Technologies, Inc. - Wauwatosa, WI
Winter 1995 to Fall 1997
    • Develop business software in FoxPro programming language
    • Conduct on-site consulting
    • Provide telephone support to users of our software products
    • Repair corrupt data files and converted outdated data
    • Assemble and troubleshoot PCs and peripherals
    • Design and produce graphic art for Web publishing project

    • Created software security and key registration routines for auto rental software.
    • Wrote terminal/host communication module for processing medical insurance claims in existing medical billing software.
    • Performed maintenance on confidential medical treatment and claim data for multiple healthcare clinics and offices.
    • Developed graphic art for web site.
    • Learned EDI and modem communication programming techniques.
    • Wrote stand-alone on-line credit card transaction processing application for retail point-of-sale use. System utilizes magnetic strip scanning and terminal/host communication via modem.
    • Integrated credit card processing into existing auto rental software.
Programmer/Analyst, Office Technology, Inc. - Neenah, WI
Spring 1992 to Winter 1995 (2 positions held)
    Accounting Systems Department, 1994 to 1995
      • Provide programming in FoxPro for custom software and modifications to SBT Accounting Systems
      • Learned FoxPro language
      • Created small, in-house time tracking system for our Tech Care customers.
      • Designed, developed, and delivered storage tracking system that interfaces to SBT for Holland Cold Storage, Inc. System tracks client inventory, produces reports and performs invoicing.
      • Streamlined outbound sales call processing for Infection Control Products, Inc. by converting call screen to 50 lines and including sales history on the same screen.
      • Modified balance sheet and income statement reports to show full account and department numbers for D & J Foods (owns the Arby’s franchises in the Fox Valley).

    Best Software Division, Spring 1992 to 1994
      • Provide programming in Progress 4GL for various projects at software publishing division
      • Learned Progress 4GL in order to perform duties for this position.
      • Developed internal time reporting system in Progress 4GL for planning, tracking, costing and invoicing.
      • Pioneered multi-page cellular “spreadsheet” type user interface in Progress.
      • Suggested and wrote source/version control product with team of 3 other programmers.
      • Produced next version release of “BestPro”, emphasizing improvements in E-mail and code generation.
      • Completed an independent contract project for Hilbert High School - Hilbert, WI in Turbo Pascal.
  • Electronics
  • Model aviation
  • HAM radio
  • Bicycling
  • Piano & keyboards
  • Photography & graphic art